Our current healthcare system is flawed; millions of Americans have lost their jobs and as a result have lost their healthcare. Your access to care should not be connected to an employer. Rev. Butler believes having access to care can be the difference between life and death. Rev. Butler will fight every day to ensure that every American has a public option they can buy into. Georgia has the third highest percentage of it's citizen to be uninsured - this equals about 13.5% of our over all population with a majority of individuals living throughout rural regions of the state.

It is unacceptable to ignore the need 1.3 million Georgians. By expanding and improving on the Affordable Care Act, we can provide coverage for disenfranchised Americans while still allowing those who are benefiting from their private insurance to continue to use it. If we focus on fixing the flaws in our healthcare system and closing that gap of coverage we will see the over-all health of the nation improve. The largest cause of premature death, disease, or dismemberment come from not visiting your primary care in time. The fear of astronomical medical bills should not play a role in choosing to get care.

As your next Congressman, Rev. Butler will devote his energy and drive to: ​

The LGBTQ+ community must be included in our healthcare system. Our society has become more inclusive and understanding of our fellow citizens. To live up to greatest standard of care we must:

  • Make PrEP free for and available. Protecting against discrimination in healthcare or the work place due to their sexuality, choice or preferences.

  • Making schools safe for LGBTQ+ students through proper accommodations.

  • End persecutions and criminalization of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Increase funding for necessary testing.

  • Permanently ban discriminatory actions performed by employers.

General Healthcare in Georgia must be protected, from pre-existing conditions to holding pharmaceutical corporations responsible and accountable, These actions can be completed by:  

  • Guaranteed care not tied to employment.

  • Promoting an affordable national healthcare option that can be bought into through early Medicare buy-ins.

  • Protect, improve, and build upon the Affordable Care Act.

  • Defend protections for pre-existing conditions. Provide comprehensive access to reproductive and mental health services.

  • Support legislation to lower the costs of prescription drugs - by authorizing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to bring down prices.

  • Encourage Medicaid expansion and support rural and urban hospitals.

  • Reject efforts by Washington politicians to slash Medicare funding.

  • Rebuild Doctor/Patient relationship and remove insurance intervention.

In order for our healthcare system to be at it's best we must take every precaution to sure that Women's Health and well-being are in the forefront of our focus. This includes:

  • Equal access to workplace safety & closing the gender pay gap.

  • Full access to women focused healthcare.

  • Guarantee paid parental leave.

  • Ensure that prenatal care facilities and professionals are properly funded in rural areas.

  • Promoting women into more positions of authority and leadership.

  • Expanding and defending reproductive justice.

  • Promoting the opening of more maternal care facilities and organizations throughout the state.