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Education & Early Activism

Growing up in Georgia, I bounced between the city and my hometown of Hawkinsville. But one thing remained constant: family. From road trips to cookouts, they were always there. In high school, I explored everything – sports, student government, debate team, even honors and AP classes.

Atlanta's Carver Bible College offered a unique blend: Seminary and Psychology.  Joint enrollment programs at Georgia State and Morehouse allowed me to delve into History and Political Science as well.  School was enriching, but activism soon grabbed my attention.

The death of Trayvon Martin in 2012 sparked a fire within me.  I joined the NAACP and became an organizer. This connected me with the non-profits that shaped my youth, Color You Destiny and Act N Up Youth Theater. After completing their programs, I returned to volunteer, teaching and training young minds I saw as my younger self.

Giving food to the need
Preaching again

Ministry & Social Impact

In 2015, ministry called.  I joined my grandfather at Sanders Memorial Baptist Church and received an honorary doctorate in theology from the Los Angeles Theological Institute. Throughout the 2010s, I learned from various pastors and congregations before finding my current home - City of Praise, where I'm an associate minister.

Fighting for Families

Choosing a career, I landed in the finance industry while also teaching history at a non-profit academy.  Witnessing families struggling firsthand - accounts overdrawn from buying groceries, desperate pleas for loans - left a deep mark.  For seven years, I balanced banking with co-founding a non-profit with my mother to help families find affordable housing.  In 2020, I joined the Boys & Girls Club of Warner Robins board.


Family Matters

No matter my path, family remained a constant.  This Georgia native's story is woven with the threads of family – from road trip laughter to the warmth of shared meals.

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