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The 2022 Campaign

Georgia's 8th Congressional District


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My Message...

Thank you, for 19 months, I traveled across the 8th's districts vast area. Though we did not win the 2022 election cycle. I am overly optimistic about the future of our district, our state, and our country. 

At the end of every speech I closed it by quoting one of my favorite scriptures... 

Titus Chapter 2 Verse 7-8, "In all things we must exude a pattern of good work. Together we showed that pattern of work and we must not let the good work end. We must push forward, and never give up. When the mountain seems that it is at it's most traitorous we must continue to climb in order for us and future generations not yet born to reach the top. Thank you to every person who voted for me and thank you to every person who engaged in conversation with me about our varying ideas of making this district the best place in Georgia to live. 

Once again, my friends, I thank you. 

-Reverend Darrius Butler

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