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Meet Darrius

In my family, service was not optional. Being raised in a family of pastors and public servants I learned early on that it’s our duty to help others. 


When I passed someone shivering on the street, I was taught to give my coat. That’s how I’ve lived my life – with a spirit of ministry. 


Politics is a ministry all of its own. We are called to serve our community, feed the hungry, and help the poor. We are called to care. 


Our politicians should be a reflection of that mission. It’s the deal we make when we elect them – and it’s a deal our politicians break time and time again.

Both as an associate minister at City of Praise Church, and as a non-profit leader, I’ve dedicated my life to working for families across Georgia who need help. 


As part of my work, I met with a family who’d been living in a roach-filled motel since the pandemic cost them their jobs and threatened to put their three children out on the street.


And they weren’t the only ones. 


This motel was so full of needy families that the school put a bus stop in front of the motel to take the kids to school.


I knew I needed more help, and started reaching out to elected officials from the city council up to our current Congressman. I begged his office for a lifeline. I told them this family couldn’t wait any longer and asked what I could do to help them. 


What I heard back shocked me.


They told me this wasn’t Congressman Scott’s problem, because he was “too busy fighting Joe Biden.” – And that was it.

Preaching again
Giving food to the need

I went back to that family, and had to tell them their Congressman didn’t give a damn about them. I’ve never felt more powerless, or more angry. 

A simple phone call from Congressman Scott could have changed this family’s life. But he didn’t care. He was too busy playing politics. 


I decided to run for office right then and there. 


Georgia deserves better. Congress can’t do everything, but we deserve a congressman who at least gives a damn about the people who live here. 


Congressman Scott was elected to represent this community – and he just didn’t.


While we all have our own vision for this community, I know I’ll never be callous in the face

of suffering, and I’ll never turn my back on someone who needs my help. 


I promise to serve my community with an open heart and a helping hand for everyone who

calls the 8th District home. From Macon to Moultrie, know that I will fight for you with

everything I have.


I look forward to earning your vote in the weeks to come, and thank the people of Georgia’s

eighth district for the opportunity to continue serving this community and everyone in it.

  • Reverend Darrius Butler

       Democratic Candidate for Georgia’s 8th Congressional District

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